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The characteristics of Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is usual for outdoor use, it has the following characteristics: 

1. High hardness: Teak is a hardwood with high density, high hardness, and is not easy to deform, so teak furniture has a long life and durability. 

Teak wood daybed

2. Natural beauty: teak has clear texture, natural color, rich layering and texture, which makes teak furniture have a unique beauty. 

3.Stable color: teak furniture has good color stability, and there will be no color difference or fading after long-term use. 

Teak wood sofa set

4.Environmental protection: Teak logging and treatment are relatively strict, which effectively protects forest resources and meets environmental protection requirements. 

Teak wood table and chair

It should be noted that although teak furniture is of good quality and durable, its price is relatively high, and it needs to be maintained and protected from moisture and moth. Therefore, when choosing teak furniture, you should choose according to your budget and actual usage.

Post time: May-06-2023