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Restaurant furniture solution for Amalfi Restaurant, London, UK

London Restaurant furniture

British restaurant furniture often exhibits a unique English style, deeply influenced by British traditional culture and history, reflecting an
elegant, refined, and cozy atmosphere. Here are some of the main characteristics of British 
restaurant furniture
Restaurant furniture sets

Elegant Design: English furniture typically features elegant designs with smooth lines and a dignified aura. Whether it's dining tables, chairs,
or storage cabinets, they all exude a calm and noble quality.


High-Quality Materials: English furniture is very selective in terms of materials, commonly using dark woods such as oak and mahogany.
These hardwoods are not only sturdy and durable but also visually appealing, further enhancing the furniture's texture.

Restaurnt furniture solution

Attention to Detail: English furniture pays great attention to detail, whether it's the handling of edges and corners or the texture of carvings,
all reflecting the superb craftsmanship and strict quality control of British craftsmen.

Amalfi Restaurant, London

We worked together and utilized British aesthetic design restaurant furniture for this shop, featuring walnut colored solid wood restaurant chairs with Indonesian natural rattan
backrests and comfortable upholstered seats, complemented by white engineered stone restaurant tables. The overall restaurant is simple and casual, and is equipped with
high-quality industrial style leather seats and dining booth sofas. The restaurant is decorated with two huge lemon trees, with lush green leaves and yellow lemon accents.
Creating an ideal dining and resting space for people in the city.

Restaurant table and chairs

During the past 13 years, Uptop Furnishings Co.,Ltd focuses on restaurant furniture design, research and development, and production, we collaborate with designers and
restaurant chain owners from over 60 countries and regions around the world to present a modern, fashionable, and minimalist model restaurant to the world. Looking forward
to working with you!

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