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Restaurant furniture customized for Walker ARMS Restaurant, Australia


1 Uptop restaurant furniture

Restaurants are places we often visit in our daily lives, and modern restaurants have become a part of our lives. They are not only places to eat, but also places for people to relax, socialize, and entertain themselves. The importance of good design and appropriate restaurant furniture is evident.

2 Uptop restaurant furniture

Today, let's walk into the Walker Arms restaurant. This is a multifunctional restaurant that combines leisure, tourism, interpersonal communication, and comfortable dining, conceived and created by us with the concept of being friends with nature and local Australian designers.

3 Uptop restaurant furniture

The location of Walker ARMS restaurant is Adelaide. Adelaide is the fifth largest city in Australia and a famous tourist destination for its beautiful seaside scenery. The local wine, arts festival, and Womadelaide music festival are all well-known.

Walker Arms is a local brand chain catering company that provides leisure gathering and dining services for family customers and travelers.

Indoor dining area restaurant furniture

For this main dining area, the designer mainly focuses on dining sofas and multi person dining tables and chairs. The furniture is made of European white wax wood solid wood material, and the top of the restaurant is also designed with a combination of solid wood natural color ceilings. The wooden house style design makes guests feel thoughtful, natural, and relaxed.

4 Uptop restaurant bar furniture
Bar counter area
restaurant furniture

The bar area features a pebble shaped quartz stone ultra long countertop, forming a circular area around the pillars. Family members can sit in their comfortable positions, order a cup of coffee or a cocktail, and spend a wonderful time.
5 Uptop teak outdoor furniture
8 Uptop outdoor restaurant furniture

Outdoor restaurant area restaurant furniture

The outdoor restaurant area is equipped with two person dining tables and chairs, four person dining tables and chairs, and multiple person dining tables and chairs, making it convenient for different guests and families to use. Industrial style metal dining chairs and bar chairs are designed with simplicity and a comfortable sitting experience. The long dining table is designed with wheels and can be moved, providing more practicality and convenience.

8 Uptop outdoor restaurant furniture 7 Uptop outdoor restaurant furniture

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