Why to find acquaintances custom-built booth sofa is unreliable?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-05
Some like to find an acquaintance to the house to do customized booth sofa. But do you know? Find acquaintances custom-built booth actually not on sofa! Some people wonder! “ I find acquaintances is, won't pit me, why do you say to find acquaintances custom-built booth sofa is unreliable? ” Actually it's not that carpenter's own reasons, find acquaintances customized booth unreliable because of objective factors lead to the sofa. 1, price: please woodworking custom-built booth sofa price is very low. In other words, it is extremely high. The reason is that the following two aspects: ( 1) From the aspects of raw material, wood is difficult to get the low price of raw materials. This is because they need less amount of raw materials, so they receive as raw materials, such as wood, paint and so on all is through multi-channel agent, so find acquaintances custom-built booth sofa order booth sofa is much more expensive than regular factory. ( 2) Carpenter build booth sofa the tools used are very simple, so find acquaintances custom-built booth sofa need to spend time is very long, it is also a carpenter to build booth through sofa is very expensive. 2, the quality of this as long as you will find a contrast, acquaintances make booth sofa quality is very coarse, especially in detail processing aspect, are very rough. Don't do big factory production booth sofa so delicate. We also said the above, woodworking tools are very easy to use and a set of tools with down can even good. And big factory imported machinery and equipment for manufacturing booth sofa? Others don't know, several production lines of machinery procurement costs add up to more than ordinary people imagine. Only such a contrast you know the difference between these two kinds of sofa booth. Acquaintances and custom-made sofa booth and factory production booth difference also lies in the quality of the sofa. The booth of normal factory production sofa has strict quality inspection process, and to find an acquaintance custom-built booth sofa from environmental protection, quality or workmanship is not guaranteed.
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