Why the west is a square table, table in the dining table is round table?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-24
Most western table is a square table, round-table rarely seen ( Many of China's western restaurant of the round table is the product of after localization, while in the west, the table is generally square table, round table only can be seen in the chamber) ; In China, the small table can also see the square table, four or more tables are round table. So what causes this phenomenon? 1, the difference of Chinese and western culture led to the west in the table and the cultural differences lead to the differences of different table with the difference between Chinese and western table. In China, the round table represents a reunion, but also can let more people in the same round table dinner on a table, so round table is suitable for the Chinese people like lively. Therefore, in the Chinese restaurant, in addition to the four people will use square table design, a table for six, eight, and even the twelve tables and table for ten people table, use the round table design. And the western culture is different, the Chinese classical culture exquisite & other; Round & throughout; , China is advocating & other; Round & throughout; Culture. This has to do with China's feudal society's grand unification is inseparable. And studied the western readers must know the feudal culture, the western feudal society is a typical small buildings with real & other; Seal the civil leud & throughout; Society, the situation on nations formed a special kind of chivalry. While the square table is the representative of chivalry. 2, the different Chinese and western dining way, caused the west dining table and table of differences in the Chinese eat what? Chopsticks are the epitome of Chinese food culture. Determines the Chinese restaurant dining way which must use the round table. Four people below is to say, and even use square table, the food in the middle of the table can be clip. So if it is eight table for? I believe there will be a lot of people do not eat a lot of dishes on the table! Round table design is more suitable for the special way of eating, it saves space, indent the distance people with food. And even the big round table design, only need to add a wheel on the surface of the table, can solve the problem of food clip is less than, but if is a square table is not applicable. Western dining way and China is different, the way to eat western food is the typical dining. Good distribution of each food before the food on the table, or a plate on the table, when need to invite, then through the knife and fork. This way of dining completely has no necessity to use the round table. And the tableware of western restaurant provides more, put tableware need larger space, hands and eat western food, this is a waste of space to use the round table. The above two reasons determine the Chinese restaurant is mostly use the round table, while western restaurant more with square table.
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