Why do dim sum tea restaurant like take booth sofa store content ark?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-02
Why do dim sum tea restaurant like take booth sofa store content ark? Recommend a restaurant furniture custom design you also don't know booth sofa factory restaurant? It is Out. Went into the cafe, or dim sum tea restaurant, are ubiquitous booth design sofa, usually two sofa, face to face with a table for four, called & other; Booth & throughout; , the idea that the earliest come from Hong Kong. In small family dwelling, booth design of small restaurant, can use metope, corridor or corner, the space of the humble. Small family space, dining space area is finite, booth sofa can effectively save space. Trust in a blank wall design booth, put a small table in front of the booth, beautiful and practical. At any time development has become a metropolis of Hong Kong, so land-scarce Hong Kong open a restaurant will control the space more narrow, been to Hong Kong friends must have experience greatly, so the booth with sofa store content ark is products sell like hot cakes, today let's see those unknown booth sofa design! ! ! ! Pieces L booth this design is commonly used for corner area, according to the layout the will maximize the seat design in the space L 'seats sofa! Pieces U gets stuck under the condition of the space is enough big, increase the space of the quadrature in the compasses in semicircle booth sofa design can give vitality, u-shaped booth sofa design is a good choice. Not only can make the best use of space, also can accommodate more people dining together, family and friends gather together, need not embarrassed because of my lack of seats. Then, select the booth just what are the benefits of sofa design restaurant? 1, for restaurant a lot of clutter in the restaurant, design booth with lockers sofa can save space, 2, booth can also create space, the booth at the bottom of the seat, designed to store object space, is not only the seat, and store content ark, a dual purpose. 3, booth can create a stylish space atmosphere, conforms to the young people to the requirement of individuality and fashion. 4, for families with children, booth sofa is spacious and convenient, easier for children to play. Do you want to try it?
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