Wholesale bar stools?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-01
To some extent, bar, western food store is more popular than a coffee bar. Bars in the bar and chair is one of the most important furniture, today let's together about the bar chair of wholesale. Once fire all over the 'love apartment', believe that everybody is not strange. In the 4 TV play, the most important scene, except the love apartment is the downstairs bar. In fact, for many city dwellers, especially a line of young city dwellers, go to the bar is the most common leisure entertainment, it has become an important part of life is very even. In the entire bar, bar chair has always played an important role. It is not only a bar and the largest number of furniture, the most widely or hospitality furniture. Chair of quality directly affects the bar consumption experience, of high quality chair will make bars are becoming more popular. So superior quality chair should be what kind of? We together and see it! Chair face first of all, is the place that the guest contact, bar chair of the chair surface should choose faux suede fabric, it not only close skin comfortable, feel good, and the effect of fire retardant. Pub has a lot of have the habit of smoking, use of faux suede fabric chair than using a bit of both combustion chemical fiber fabrics is much more safe. Chair of the chair and the faux suede fabrics cleaning fluid is very simple, general can wipe besmirch only need to use neutral soap. What is the distinguishing feature of the bar chair? Chair face it is small, so the per unit area of the chair seat surface pressure on the sofa is far above the bar. And if the bar chair of poor quality, not only will chair surface deformation, and even the whole chair will appear to be out of shape. Chair seat padding requirements demand a higher than normal sofa, usually fill a integrated cotton high-density foam molding. It flexible, bearing quality is good, strong plasticity, soft and comfortable, and not easy to deformation.
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