Where is the difference between restaurant sofa and sofa booth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-22
Restaurant sofa and sofa booth belong to the same sofa products, also used in food facilities for visitors. For people who may not have the difference, but the inline person still can see the doorway. The restaurant where is the difference between the sofa and sofa booth? 1, structure restaurant sofa in design are usually more formal, and in the design of the booth sofa are generally not armrest L design, so the armrest and modelling is one of the most key factor of the difference between the two. This is because the booth is was originally a combination of dining room sofa and sofa chairs designed the characteristics of both. Therefore, booth compared more concise in the design of sofa, and more attention to practical and space saving. 2, modelling characteristic in the design of fabric, sofa and restaurant booth common fabrics are paper art and cloth art sofa design. But booth is sofa leather art design is given priority to, the general will add pull clasp or line design elements, etc. And restaurant booth on modelling and design more complicated, for the modelling of cushion and the back of a chair, sofa booth more elegant simplicity, and restaurant sofa, cloth art sofa, in particular, more rich on modelling, give a person feel more warmth. 3 booth sofa generally there are three kinds of design, material aspects, namely pure real wood design, solid wooden frame design, plate include design; And restaurant sofa production material will be a lot more. Based wood design, in addition to the most common and steel frame design and the design of steel tube, sofa and other new materials made of restaurant. Introduce the three aspects above are the basis of a booth and restaurant sofa sofa distinction, in addition to the above introduction part, they have the nature of the difference between the two. The difference between the design concept. This is also decided to booth and restaurant sofa sofa different essence.
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