When the restaurant open stores must have several conditions

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-03
Introduction: nowadays, with the development of food industry is more and more fast, brands are trying to expand their markets, expand the way which is open stores. Both domestic small brand and famous brand, there will always be a few stores across the country. So, restaurants to open stores, open stores from time to tome what matters? A: shop earnings now? Open stores is a good thing, but we can not blindly pursue the number of stores and overlooked the sales outlets. If every month turnover is very good brand, the company is flush with cash, open stores to enhance their brand influence in a good way. But if the brand sales is bad, not profitable, so priority should be to use marketing way to increase their sales, ensure that won't be at a loss, or outlet is open, the more lose more. 2: why existing stores profitable each store management way different want to open stores, is about to consider to be clear about the store profits. Because contacts or because taste, or because of the location of the stores, etc. Regardless of reasons, want to consider to be clear about, after all, open stores need to spend a lot of money, to make good planning and preparation in advance. Three: the above reasons could replicate before open stores, want to consider whether know the cause of the store profits under the same applies to a store. If is because the chef cooking technology is good, so small make up that did not need to open stores, because only that a chef, there is no copy, if because good store location and the rent is cheap, so also is unlikely to open stores, because of the high position good rent must, unless there is a special channels or through connections, otherwise it is hard to find a good location, low rent shops. Four: have the right store location to store profits in a short time, the location of the store is one of the crucial factors. Before open stores to investigate, to see whether there is a suitable locations and the rent is reasonable, only to find the right shops, to set up shop for the following preparatory work, can't find the shops, everything is irrelevant. Five: the presence of the core staff to open stores first make sure stores can reasonable operation, this not only need a good boss, need the support of the core staff. From the manager to the chef and head, everyone needs to receive professional training, guaranteed to provide service to make the customer satisfied, so as to maintain the image of the brand. Sounds simple: restaurants open stores, or more complicated to do. If there is no feasible plan, sufficient funds, its business is difficult to guarantee. In view of this, small make up hope, make plan, before you open stores every step should be implemented, only in this way, can ensure the money go back, otherwise can only is to draw water with a sieve.
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