What's the difference between a restaurant booth and bar booth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-25
Booth sofa is the sofa of a commercial use of common visitors, which USES more restaurants, bars, KTV is a place for the. Often the pub people may notice that the restaurant's booth on the sofa and bars' seats sofa modelling or material has a lot of difference. Small make up for you today, a restaurant booth and booth of different bar. 1, the restaurant booth sofa characteristics of booth is a little similar to open the box, many are surrounded by half a structure, distributed in both sides of the dining hall. Many restaurants abroad point meal, the guest book to remember their card seat, just like custom box. Modern domestic many restaurants have also adopted this management system. This convenient and divides the restaurant area, each waiter only need on the same. Restaurant booth design more convenient friend dinner, family gatherings. But need to pay special attention to is that book restaurant card seat, many restaurants are require a minimum consumption. 2, bar booth characteristics of people who are often the pub bar hall sofa upholstered seat in the sofa must not strange, that's the bar gets stuck. According to the sofa modelling, bar booth sofa has the card, a card. Go to the bar, sit ( Small round and square) There is no minimum provisions, but sit bar booth: is there a minimum amount of rules. Of course, there are some bars with box, box use also gets stuck inside the sofa ( In fact and KTV set about) 。 In addition to the restaurant and bar them a different rules, the restaurant booth and bar booth in shape also have very big difference. Such as bar gets stuck in the sofa length is longer, and both sides have pillows, and most of the booth of the restaurant is double design, no handrails on both sides. And bar booth has a semicircle design, the Angle of design, restaurant booth is divided into single-sided and double-sided.
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