What kind of restaurant booth sofa sitting comfortable?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-08
Restaurant booth already finalize the design the structure of the general framework, sofa modelling is the same. Need to focus is on the sofa when buy materials and design details. First is modelling design, such as sofa seat depth, the embodiment of the need to meet different people, the height of the back of a chair is the same. While the height of the sofa should consider whether people sit up and hind feet can reach the ground. All these above is the size of the restaurant booth sofa design need to pay attention to matters, in addition to a cushion and backrest Angle problem, back of a chair should back curve of joint human body not only, also can effectively share the body weight. It will be comfortable to sit on. In modelling after completing the basic framework, followed by more detailed things. Such as cushion. Restaurant booth sofa cushion is generally divided into many layers, in addition to the bottom of the support frame, it is divided into high density sponge and medium density sponge layer. Only in this way can design in effectively keep the softness of sofa can achieve high rebound again at the same time, without a sit a pit. In addition, the restaurant booth outer fabric sofa is also a need to focus on the object. Want to give a person with the most comfortable seating, the fabrics of direct contact with the human body must be kept quite soft and refreshed. If paper art fabrics, but also take care not to produce peculiar smell. A cozy restaurant booth sofa must be from product design to material selection, production is strictly in accordance with human body engineering design, considering the every detail of sofa, can produce far superior comfortable seating sofa products.
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