What is the difference between booth and ordinary restaurant sofa sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-16
With its far better than the eat chair of sofa seating and was accepted by restaurants. In general, the sofa can be used in the restaurant is divided into two kinds, one kind is ordinary restaurant sofa, still have a kind of is what we call 'seats sofa. So just what is the difference between these two kinds of sofa? 1, different design concept of ordinary restaurant actually is a kind of recreational sofa sofa, is widely used in restaurant, hotel, the guesthouse. And booth sofa and is designed for food research and development of a kind of the visitors, it combines the characteristics of leisure sofa and ordinary chair design. After being widely used in all kinds of leisure, entertainment and public places. So for the ordinary eat chair of sofa, booth sofa is one of the upgrades and sublimation. 2, different appearance someone says booth sofa and sofa is the biggest difference lies in the presence of ordinary restaurant handrail. In fact this is wrong, booth not without armrest sofa, and is unlikely to have the leisure sofa armrest. This is not the characteristics of the difference between the two. Booth and ordinary restaurant sofa design idea is different, the biggest difference is to determine the differences in both appearance and style. Sofa booth no matter how appearance, overall is inseparable from the concise and easy design concept, also from whatever its classic & other; L” Type model. And ordinary restaurant because of is recreational sofa sofa, the modelling of it will be a lot of rich, in the design of the sofa, in order to show that kind of sense of leisure, casual restaurant sofa on modelling has a lot of curve and surface design. 3, practical different compared to the ordinary restaurant sofa, sofa booth pay more attention to practical, also used in various commercial catering more suitable places. It is reference in the design of eat chair design concept, pay attention to the effective use of space and comfortable sitting feeling coexist. On the adornment effect, booth sofa pay more attention to fashion and easy, and ordinary restaurant sofa pay more attention to shape the warmth and recreational feeling. The above is the difference between ordinary restaurant sofa and sofa booth. Can be seen from the above introduction, mainly from the difference between the two in different design concept. This is their biggest differences.
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