What is the best time to booth sofa in the dining room furniture customization

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-01
Recently many clients are asking them what time does the sofa set is better? Here and introduce, decorate in the restaurant about 7 days will begin custom-made furniture, dining-room decorate period is about 30 days or so commonly, your dining tables and chairs and sofa booth looking for custom-made furniture factory production time about 20 days or so, so what time booth sofa according to the actual situation to decide. 1, booth sofa how should choose? First sofa probably from the common materials can be divided into cloth art sofa and leather sofa, including imitation leather. 2, order from the degree of care, leather sofa is very good, not too dirty stain with a rag wipe very clean, the last is cloth art sofa, cloth art sofa do rise, it is not particularly convenient, recommend in order of cloth art sofa can be set on the sofa set, sofa cover can unpick and wash dirty. 3, for comfort, the leather is the most comfortable sofa, and then is cloth art sofa. Of course customized sofa can do according to individual demand. 4, about the size of the sofa set not to decide how many can, furniture factory is a free service field measurements can be the door to the restaurant site a than a loft, our professional designer and model master of sofa back to order sofa size according to the actual site.
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