What are the main material, western restaurant tables and chairs?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-13
The grade of the material to western restaurant tables and chairs and quality. About the material of western restaurant tables and chairs, mainly divided into three aspects, desk, chair face plate, hardware accessories material, table chair material. Let introduce one by one to you. 1, the western restaurant tables and chairs panel ( 1) Upscale plank: solid wood, wood clear material need, smooth surface smooth, beautiful appearance, texture. It is important to note that not all wooden planks are high-grade sheet, some will be more bug, for example, fast knot, even some of there will be light decay, such made of solid wood board is not qualified. In addition, is also a solid board, the board that different material is completely different, the price of high-grade annatto, cheap, such as pine value difference between thousands of times. ( 2) Medium: quality inspection qualified man-made board, wood particle board according to the facts, laminated, A multilayer compare high-grade) And so on, in fact, a lot of man-made board on the stability of material is more than solid board, but make people more concerned about is the man-made plank of environmental protection. So buy man-made board production restaurant tables and chairs must check issued by the manufacturer of quality inspection report. ( 3) Inferior plank: 3 without the product, or the board that is quality inspection is unqualified. The time of purchase restaurant tables and chairs is important to note that the product between the report is the sole criterion for testing the quality of the product. 2, hardware accessories all not completely real wood restaurant tables and chairs are connecting structure by using hardware accessories. So the quality of the metal parts is the key to marketing restaurant tables and chairs the quality of the products. ( 1) High-grade hardware accessories, hardware accessories are generally electroplating metal production, electroplating process, the surface is smooth, colour and lustre, no burr, act the role ofing use of hardware accessories attached on the surface of shake handshandle, accessories and so on are generally Jane European design, art, aesthetic feeling. And connection plate placed on integrative strength, toughness and corrosion, drawer, move the door guide rail, etc, in addition to the above advantages, but also on security and mute. ( 2) Low-quality hardware accessories: surface process is poor, lacklustre, flexibility is poor, material strength and toughness are poor, not enough to use flexible, easy to rust deformation, short service life. 3 restaurant tables and chairs, tables, chairs market table frame and a mostly in stainless steel material and plating metal, these two kinds of material all have advantages and disadvantages, but if the single from the aesthetics point of view, electroplating metal furniture is more dominant. Specific can see the stainless steel or plated metal frame good? 》
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