What are the characteristics of the western restaurant tables and chairs?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-03
Western restaurant is a very general, in our country, generally with European countries, as well as the characteristics of the americas business catering places are collectively referred to as a western restaurant. Western-style restaurants catering offered food and traditional Chinese style dining-room, not only such, western-style restaurant use tables and chairs are distinctive. Below we together to understand the characteristics of western-style restaurant tables and chairs! 1, tables and chairs and Chinese traditional cultural features western-style restaurant dining tables and chairs the difference comes from different cultural background. Western countries and Chinese culture is different, there were significant differences in people's life style and aesthetic view, this is the western-style restaurant tables and chairs and Chinese style eat desk and chair style difference between real root cause. For example, Chinese people love dinner, so on the design of the eat desk and chair besides seat in the hall, and big round table for more than 8 people dining. While Western Europe dine pay attention to privacy, mensal chair design more upscale western-style restaurant is given priority to with 2 people, usually eat no more than 6 people to dinner. And because the western-style dining habits are separate, so using table are square. Chinese restaurant and at the dinner table, don't pay attention to the ornament, whereas western restaurant table without flowers and an art of the candlestick. It is all made of different regional culture. 2, design ideas abroad, dining-room is dining place, it is important to social networking sites, and even a lot of business negotiations are done in the middle of two people dining. So western-style restaurant tables and chairs on the modelling is often quiet and warm. Speaking of which, argue the believe there are many friends! Chinese restaurant is not the same? Indeed! In China, the table also acted as a business, the communication function, but the two are different. Chinese friends tend to be selected in the restaurant, and often more. The friends of western countries is more a choice in the cafe or bar, only dating, business negotiation or close friend for dinner in western restaurant, when I have fewer and often. It is because the western restaurant and Chinese restaurant reception guests from this distinction, it caused the western restaurant tables and chairs of different shape.
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