What are the characteristics of artificial stone table?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-02
Eat desk and chair of the material on the market already relaxed natural stone and wood, as a result of natural material properties and cherish sex, appeared a lot of man-made plank and artificial stone. Small make up today for your features of artificial stone table and the skills of choose and buy. Characteristics 1: beautiful fashionable fashionable restaurant is unfavorable use the eat desk and chair of Chinese style classical design, and the overall decoration style don't match. And different artificial stone table, artificial stone table table body all made by black and white artificial stone, appearance is beautiful fashion, and fashion style is very match. Street commercial fashion restaurant there are quite a few are using artificial stone table as a dining room furniture. Features 2: corrosion do not fade the dining room table not only use frequency is high, and it often infected with all sorts of spices and alkali washing reagent, the corrosion resistance of artificial stone table is much higher than the wooden table, even higher than natural stone table, this is also the commercial general than natural stone artificial stone table in the dining room table is more popular one of the reasons. Artificial stone table made of excellent corrosion resistance, use for a long time is not easy to fade, cleaning and maintenance also does not have too much stress at ordinary times, use neutral detergent to clean water, clean water after dry can. Feature 3: wear-resisting not easily scratched artificial stone table not the kui & other; Stone & throughout; The name of the material if hard stone, hardness is high, it is difficult to be scratched, as long as clean at ordinary times table cloth don't touch gravel, don't use the wire scratch. This is why the artificial stone table after using for a long time can still keep smooth and beautiful. Skills of choose and buy: artificial stone table, desk desktop body all made by artificial stone, although hard, but the quality is very heavy, the restaurant is put after the completion of the basic won't move again. So artificial stone table in the restaurant are mostly solid design. Restaurant use artificial stone table in order to fit the spatial layout of dining-room, must go to the factory.
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