What are the advantages compared with the eat chair, booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-15
Restaurant use the visitors only three, one is a booth is a kind of common dining chair, sofa and sofa is general restaurant. In all the visitors, booth is undoubtedly the most popular sofa, one of the most widely used. Booth, then, what is the advantage of sofa, let so many consumers like? To be here, don't think booth sofa only popular in China, especially in foreign countries. America's bankruptcy and sisters series series, is in a restaurant as the main scene. If you have seen, so believe in addition to including all sorts of funny moments, you of the layout of the restaurant also leaves a image. The hall of the restaurant USES are all booth sofa. This is a normal western restaurant. Design concept: the emergence of any new furniture and promotion is for more people to furniture to meet the demand of the higher, the booth is sofa. In order to better use of the space of dining-room, in order to provide customers with a more comfortable dining environment, the design concept of designers will sofa and dining chair perfectly fuses in together, and in this way, the first booth sofa came out! Space utilization, the sofa of the restaurant is not ordinary, but to use booth sofa, one important reason is that in order to improve space utilization. Booth the u-shaped design of sofa, double and single design, and arc design, is in order to adapt to the dining room space structure, in order to make more perfect use of space. Of (among) all the sofa category booth space utilization is the highest of the sofa. This and booth sofa classic L model about the relationship. L model can adapt to the corner, if is the corner position can also use double-sided booth design, stable and comfortable at the same time, also to eliminate the gap between the seat, increase the space utilization. The booth and booth is between the restaurant must be set aside. So booth a sofa is not only a kind of the highest space utilization, is the most suitable for restaurant use sofa. Comfort: than eat chair or common sofa, sofa booth unique modelling gives it more wide seat space and more soft and comfortable to sit sense. It is on the common sofa quality promotion, but also to eat chair sat the ascending of feeling. Above is the booth than eat chair and general common sofa sofa, an edge. Booth sofa development itself is the purpose of the original product quality of a kind of transcendence.
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