What are the advantages and disadvantages plate holder sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
Plate holder sofa is the most used type of booth sofa in the dining room, it not only has the general booth the use function of sofa, and purchase price is cheaper, can save a lot of procurement costs for restaurant at the same time, let dining-room to obtain the same quality of them sofa products. Advantages: 1, modelling is rich: plate holder main body structure of the sofa is made by man-made board, so in shape and finish, and the extremely rich change on grain. It also makes plate booth sofa modelling is very rich, customers need basically all design is to be able to get through custom, also can make a lot of solid wood do not out of shape and color, and texture. This is also one of the reasons for the plate holder sofa is popular on the market. 2, the price is cheap, compared to the real wood sofa booth, for the customer, the plate holder sofa is one of the greatest advantage of the price is cheaper, this is not the quality of the plate holder sofa as solid wood sofa booth, but because of the relative lack of wood resources. Many man-made board resources are relatively abundant. 3, not changeful form, solid wood sofa booth has many advantages, but also has a problem, that is material is not stable. The reason is very simple, solid wood has wood of natural features, such as heat bilges cold shrink and so on. And plate holder sofa, its plank broke the physical structure, the original wood is not obvious to the change of temperature and humidity. So plate holder sofa material stability, not easy deformation. 4, can be removed: plate holder is different from the real wood sofa sofa of mortise and tenon joint structure, and also different from stainless steel holder metal welding of the sofa. So plate holder is a kind of portable sofa sofa, can even remove the transport to the customer after assembly. Can save a lot of transportation cost for the customer. Shortcomings: 1, the environmental protection question: is not to say that the plate holder sofa is not environmental protection, but the market does have some booth sofa manufacturers to provide product is environmental protection product. And even manufacturers use raw materials are in conformity with the requirements of environmental protection, but if the booth sofa manufacturer of sealing side process do not good, so the production of a booth sofa may not environmental protection. 2, easy to explode edge: plate holder material than solid wood sofa booth is stable, but it also has shortcomings, and that is relatively easy to blasting, especially using particle board for the base material of them sofa.
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