Western restaurant tables and chairs to remove dirt?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-11
Dining room is the place where the most easily infected with dirt, and because of the oil in food, condiment. Restaurant tables and chairs with dirt is generally not easy to clean thoroughly, in the long run, will leave apparent biltong, affect the dining room is beautiful. So, a lot of western restaurant tables and chairs to be eliminated not because the structure is damaged, but because the surface is stained with too much dirt. Dirt removal methods about western restaurant tables and chairs, let slowly introduce for you! 1, paint film repair method: this method apply the fix those only paint is damaged, but western restaurant tables and chairs wooden structure was not damaged. With a wet cotton swabs dirt gently erase the damaged area, such as very hot mark, until the paint color, and then coated with a thin wax can. 2, oil division: western restaurant tables and chairs from oil pollution in the process of use is common enough, there are many cleanup method. But be careful not to damage the desks and chairs facing ( Pay attention to the acid and alkaline cleaning reagent) , you can choose to use bubble tea residue to wipe oily be soiled, have very good decontamination effect, need dry with water after cleaning, avoid leaving tea. Yellow: 3, paint western restaurant tables and chairs to use time is too long, the surface of the paint will become yellow, this is also a REDOX reaction, peacetime remember don't let the noise of desks and chairs in the sun exposure. For the part of yellow, can use the brush egg yolk is broken in yellow parts, after being dry with a soft cloth to wipe clean can. 4, remove watermark: residual water damage on restaurant tables and chairs, if were not cleaned timely will leave wreaths of watermark in the furniture surface. For this case can cover the cut with a clean wet dishcloth surface of watermark, then electric iron and ironing watermark will disappear naturally. If there is no electric iron, so you can also use hot towel covering on the surface of the watermark, can achieve the same effect.
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