Western restaurant tables and chairs size related knowledge!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-18
Purchasing restaurant tables and chairs, the customers consider the problems mainly include the style, price, quality, size four aspects factors. Today to introduce western restaurant tables and chairs for you size related knowledge! A western restaurant, western restaurant table size table size is key to western restaurant eat desk and chair size, restaurant tables and chairs are decided how to put the most important factors. Western restaurant table is generally square table design, size is about 1400 * 700 mm, the size is quite reasonable. 2, the height of the western restaurant tables and chairs the height of the western restaurant tables and chairs mainly includes three aspects, the height of the western restaurant table, the height of the western restaurant chair, desk and chair height difference. The western restaurant tables and chairs height difference will be decided by the height of desk and chair. Generally speaking, the western restaurant chair height about 450 mm, it can guarantee the legs on the ground, and easy to extend, keep the most comfortable sitting position. And eat desk and chair height difference about 270 mm, the height difference more convenient people dining. Therefore, the height of the western-style food table around 720 mm. 3, west restaurant tables and chairs put table and distance of the wall size is also the key to affect the eat desk and chair to use and a western-style restaurant management. Which affect the resturaunt space utilization is the restaurant table and metope distance dimensions. In general, the table and the optimal distance of metope size is 800 mm, so that the chair out from under the table. Of course, this also is in the customer the minimum distance of repast. 4, droplight and the distance of the table size a lot of western restaurants will use droplight, it not only has the very good adornment effect, the main function is used for lighting. So the droplight with western restaurant and the distance of the table size should be appropriate, in this way can we both have very good lighting effect, make the desktop full uniform distribution under the ideal lamp brightness, and the distance from the ideal size can also be a good repast atmosphere silhouetted against a romance. Generally speaking, the droplight with ideal distance table size is 700 mm.
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