Western restaurant tables and chairs size general how many appropriate?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-10
Affect western restaurant performance is not just food, eating comfort is also very important. Want to ensure that western restaurant dining comfort, you have specific request for the size of the western restaurant tables and chairs. Restaurant tables and chairs, after all, is the most important customers are eating to furniture. Conventional western restaurant tables and chairs size: 1, the western restaurant table MMMM size 600 * 600 mm, 1200 mm * 600 mm, this is the most commonly used two kinds of the size of the square restaurant tables and chairs, are generally single sitting, the former is common in the meal or coffee shops, which use common size. The desktop height is in commonly 750 mm or so, this is more convenient. Of course, in addition to the square table, western restaurant and small round table (a more personality Western restaurants rarely have a large round table) The general common size is 600 mm diameter. This fashionable retro design USES mostly small diameter of the round table, is a kind of personalized west dining table. 2, western restaurant, western restaurant sit with booth sofa and sofa chair size chair two kinds, both on size design is different, but also have in common. Sitting height, for example, the common sitting height is 450 mm, the altitude design convenient body sat down leg stretch, and convenient repast. And on the back of a chair height and length, the two are different. General restaurant dining chair, for example, its total height is controlled in 750 mm, and the length is close to 450 mm; And booth sofa is usually double use, its common total height is 1000 mm, length is 1050 mm. Above is a common size of restaurant tables and chairs. It has a very important influence on the user's comfort. And also can't design too occupied space, avoid the waste of space.
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