Western restaurant tables and chairs size

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-15
Western restaurant furniture of choose and buy when in addition to need to pay attention to the modelling of tables and chairs, quality and price, but also focus on the size of the western restaurant tables and chairs. The appropriate size can not only bring a beautiful decorative effect, still can bring more high-quality consumer experience. About the size of the western restaurant tables and chairs, let below small make up take you to get to know it! Size 1 square restaurant tables and chairs, two of the most common rectangular table size is mmx760mm mmx760mm 760 and 1070. Square restaurant tables and chairs is a benefit, that is generally the eat desk and chair are all chairs can be designed and under the table, in this case, even a corner space can put down a table for six people who, to achieve efficient use of space. Customers have dinner when you just need to move the table. And after place also can make whole dining room appears more open. We'll talk about the square restaurant tables and chairs for the size of the problem. The standard width of 760 mm is the western restaurant table size, this is because the western restaurant tables and chairs are generally not sitting design, if the width is too small, sitting on both sides of the people, there is no enough space to place the leg. Therefore, the western restaurant table width minimum also not less than 700 mm. And western restaurant table height is 710 mm, usually with a 415 mm high restaurant chair design, which is convenient for people to such a height difference repast, have let a leg have enough stretch space. 2, the size of the circular restaurant tables and chairs in the west, the restaurant table is commonly used square table, although there is a round table but not common. Western restaurant in China, however, that in order to adapt to the Chinese eating habits, circular restaurant tables and chairs have become a common form of western restaurant tables and chairs. The size of the circular restaurant tables and chairs have great differences. The smallest, from some coffee shop to use the 150 mm diameter of the small round table began to increase, big western restaurant table can be up to 1200 mm diameter, it is worth mentioning that the size of the restaurant table is often used by families. 1200 mm round table is usually match eight chairs. If it is 900 mm diameter of western restaurant table, are generally match 4 - Six chairs. Too many words will appear more crowded. The style of the western restaurant tables and chairs and there are many, such as common oval and special design. And western restaurant tables and chairs besides height and sitting height, length and width of other size design will be different with the requirements of each restaurant.
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