Western restaurant tables and chairs processing method after injury

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-13
Most places of business of furniture, restaurant tables and chairs are used every day by high frequency, which makes it struggling every day, damage is also unavoidable. After injury of western restaurant tables and chairs? Teach you processing method. 1, scald? Western restaurant table facing almost afraid of hot, if the waiter when serving for the customer to forget to put the insulation pad, will stay hot coils of mark on the table. This time we can use the touch the camphor oil cotton swabs, cleansing back and forth along the track of very hot mark. After a period of time, ugly white very hot mark will disappear. 2, scratch? Western restaurant tables and chairs will inevitably be used after a period of time scratches or scratch, is generally not severe cases ( Surface finish is damaged) , we only need to use the same color of the paint are complementary. , of course, to avoid leaving the filling obviously, after the paint is dry also need to wax on the surface coated with a layer of bright color. And, of course, a more simple way, if it is not obvious a few small scratches, can use wood floor repair solution for repair, can let western restaurant tables and chairs in good condition, like new. 3, stain, do believe that everyone had that experience, clothes were soup when you eat and that such a stain is hard to clean thoroughly, after washing will leave a stain, compared with the other fabric, have clear off color. So if western restaurant tables and chairs leather or cloth was broth and to how should be clean? If a stain in cortical part, so need to clean the stains wipe with a clean cloth, and then use complementary color dye. If was part of the fabric to by liquid, then the concentration of available around 5% of the soap and warm water scrub, and the crack in the cloth with honey paint brush dirt out. For maintenance and cleaning restaurant tables and chairs, prevention beforehand than to remedy to many effectively. Because no matter how to remedy, but can't 100% reduction, after a few times will be am. Purchasing a batch of beautiful tablecloth for western restaurant, and then with elegant eat mat. Even if liquid and so came out, it would only be soiled tablecloths and eat mat, will not damage to the western restaurant tables and chairs.
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