Western restaurant tables and chairs, avoid excessive use

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-06
If you frequently experience western restaurant, or simply to you is a western restaurant boss, so you must be easy to find restaurants often appears such a phenomenon: just buy the near restaurant tables and chairs, not a few days has been damaged. And what is more strange, there is some eat desk and chair was badly damaged and others eat desk and chair new unchanged. This is the dining room is the result of excessive use. Western restaurant is a comparison pay attention to the business of repast environment catering, restaurant tables and chairs if a rub off damaged really harm the image of the restaurant, go against, assures more than western restaurant will face higher restaurant tables and chairs depreciation and maintenance costs. This small make up remind specially, western restaurant tables and chairs, bear in mind that excessive use. Wants to avoid overuse of the western restaurant tables and chairs, small make up for you in this action: 1, the regular transposition people often go to western restaurant may be noticed: the more near the restaurant location, and the easier the eat desk and chair is near the window position damaged, this is because the guest to western restaurant tend to choose the location of nearby after dinner, or like to go to dinner near the location of the window. Relative to other locations in the eat desk and chair, the location of the restaurant tables and chairs used more often, and so tend to be more easy to change for a long time, broken. Restaurant tables and chairs of the same batch purchasing this time had the length of service life, is not conducive to western restaurant tables and chairs the second purchase, and reduces the average service life of the western restaurant tables and chairs. To avoid this situation, western restaurant tables and chairs should pay attention to regular transposition, the utilization rate is not high in the western restaurant tables and chairs and the use of frequent restaurant tables and chairs swap position. 2, carefully use western restaurant tables and chairs to carefully, avoid people with acute Angle, props delimit blow facing, also want to avoid children in western restaurant hopping on the sofa. And mobile restaurant tables and chairs are main cushion in place, can't delay, otherwise the damages to the eat desk and chair and floor easily. And in addition to these considerations, also notice at ordinary times western restaurant tables and chairs can't be the sun. Clean restaurant tables and chairs, especially coriaceous eat chair and sofa can't use clear water clean, it is best to use professional cleaning and maintenance.
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