Western restaurant furniture collocation solution!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-01
Western restaurant should use what kind of table and eat chair? Believe that every restaurant boss considered this! ! ! ! For western restaurant tables and chairs is tie-in, not only need to consider the aesthetics of the western restaurant tables and chairs itself, but also consider the decoration of the restaurant, western restaurant is tie-in effect between the chair and table. Small make up today to bring you several classic western restaurant furniture collocation program! Point 1: modelling each restaurant tables and chairs, making western restaurant tables and chairs of each kind of material is made of personality, restaurant tables and chairs to match the first thing to consider is that, different collocation can give a person different feelings. Such as the cold mass glass, leather, warm. While fluent curve model can give a person a kind of tender feeling, straight edges and corners, give a person a kind of simple sense. The collocation of western restaurant tables and chairs to notice & other; Soft & throughout; With & other; Hard & throughout; Combination, simple sense and LengLi union. Point 2: color in visual effect, the collocation of western restaurant tables and chairs need to maintain a certain administrative levels sense, can not jump between colors, more cannot use contrasting colors. In general is a warm color is tie-in, cool color is tie-in, neutral colors match, or the neutral colors match warm or cool colors. And the main color of western restaurant tables and chairs of the additive generally will not exceed 3 kinds, otherwise it will cause messy feeling. Plan 1: wooden desk cane cane + circle and small round wood table, cabinet modelling, materials, natural light can give a person a kind of natural feeling. One or two people sat with table, the leisure and comfortable. Scheme 2: color wooden collocation of the color wooden wooden desk + + party party found in some places of leisure chairs, such as the sweet shop, bar, eat right, right, in a formal western restaurant, is rare in the restaurant. Different color design can let more relaxed mood. It can let a person throw all elegant, reserved, completely relax yourself. Note well, color is not the same kind of chair use a variety of color, but a table to match different colors of pure color design chair. Solution 3: paper art chair + log table now this is a very popular design, especially the design of restoring ancient ways in the western restaurant tables and chairs and he is also a lot of this kind of collocation. And the paper art and wooden, soft and natural breath very match. If is design restoring ancient ways, tables and chairs are used, wrought iron, color also reaching the heavy color, in order to increase the whole restaurant tables and chairs is sedate feeling. And if it is fashionable restaurant use tables and chairs, tables and chairs are all use wooden design, color is more bright.
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