Western restaurant booth sofa what are the requirements for process?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-20
Booth sofa originating in foreign countries, as the foreign food culture into China, together and spread widely. So the booth sofa and western restaurant, is seen as a born a couple. Want to tell you about today is, some requirements for booth sofa process. Booth according to the model structure can be divided into cushion, sofa back of a chair, sofa feet of three parts. So today we respectively from the three aspects to introduce western restaurant booth design technology of the sofa. 1, this is the most important part of western restaurant booth sofa cushion, the general western restaurant booth sofa of elasticity of demand is higher, not as soft as general of sofa, sit a pit. Booth of the sofa cushion is high rebound to ensure comfortable seating. At the same time, booth after the human body to sit on sofa deformation extent is very small. 2, back of a chair gets stuck the back of a chair of sofa design is generally higher, to ensure that the human body back, neck, head, fell on booth on the sofa. And, of course, the domestic some western restaurant booth sofa will provide pillows, so can ensure the booth more comfortable sofa. And pillows in many cases also play a decorative role, some booth sofa collocation bright colours on the back cushion more lively, make the whole atmosphere of the restaurant is bright. And on craft, booth sofa to request wire flat, sealed, don't be concave and convex surface points. Of course, the requirements of comfort is also essential. 3, sofa feet booth sofa sofa feet generally have a few kinds of solid wood, stainless steel, wrought iron material. The western restaurant booth of the most commonly used or solid wood sofa sofa feet. In fact wood is mostly hard miscellaneous wood material, to the northeast China ash, oak wood, rubber wood is bearing quality is higher, the material of high strength, is often used as booth sofa feet. Above is a general introduction of western restaurant booth sofa process, if you want to know more detailed information, you can call site call advisory furniture factory, or counseling online customer service.
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