Western restaurant booth sofa regular size

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-20
Booth from western-style sofa design, it is a kind of combined common sofa and dining chair, the visitors in integrated 2 advantage and developed new products. Booth sofa is the first to use the site is the western restaurant. Today bring you is the western restaurant booth sofa booth, cafe, bar booth sofa sofa's regular size on! 1 compared to the Chinese restaurant, western restaurant booth sofa regular size booth sofa, sofa booth in a bigger size design. And Chinese restaurant is usually double booth, and in the western restaurant in addition to the double design, there are three common single booth booth sofa and sofa. To introduce you to them respectively under the regular size: western restaurant sofa of a single booth size: deep bridge width * * height = 85 cm * 85 cm * 115 cm double booth western restaurant sofa size: deep bridge width * * height = 135 cm * 60 cm * 95 cm, 165 cm * 85 cm * 115 cm restaurant booth three sofa size: deep bridge width * * height = 190 cm * 60 cm * 95 cm, 210 cm * 85 cm * 115 cm2, coffee shop booth sofa while many regular size count the coffee shop within the western restaurant, but in fact they still have differences, especially in China. Western restaurant consumption is generally more segmentation, restaurant belongs to high-grade consumption, while western restaurant belong to mass consumption. Cafe is different, in China, it is the positioning of the general minimum high mass consumption level. So on size design, booth a sofa and a western-style restaurant booth cafe is a big difference. Coffee shop sofa of a single booth size: deep bridge width * * height = 70 cm * 70 cm * ( 70 - 85). Double booth sofa size: cm cafe deep bridge width * * height = 140 cm * 70 cm * ( 70 - 85). Cm3, regular size bar booth sofa bar also originated in the west, as a kind of popular entertainment, also has a professional design booth sofa in the bar, and on the shape and size design, with general booth sofa is different. Bar difference is bigger, the size of the booth sofa design including: high size: 42 - 45 cm deep size: 60 75 cm height size: 75 - 95 cm wide size: 110, 112 cm ( Single digits) ; 160165厘米( Double digits) ; 210厘米( Three digits)
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