Western restaurant booth sofa of choose and buy?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-08
When customers rest, eating western restaurant booth sofa played a important role. As the food industry competition, customer demands for western restaurant dining environment is getting higher and higher, it puts forward new requirements to the western restaurant booth sofa. Today to bring you a restaurant booth sofa of choose and buy skills! Western restaurant booth booth sofa sofa size to choose a western restaurant, not only pay attention to the sofa and the whole of western restaurant decoration effect, also note the size of the sofa and the area of the restaurant. If western restaurant area is relatively small, with volume larger booth sofa; First is will reduce the number of restaurants seat, affect the overall gains; The second is the style does not take, give a person feel the lack of overall harmony. Western restaurant booth sofa sitting feeling in addition to the sofa decorate effect and volume, notice first restaurant booth sofa of choose and buy should be its sense of sat. Suggested personally try to sit on, in addition to try sofa cushions elasticity and comfort, but also try back whether can effectively dispersed the body weight, and the elasticity of the back of a chair. Finally, the focus of the western restaurant booth sofa armrest and testing, the size of the armrest and support for the arm, and fabric softness and feel. Western restaurant booth sofa quality restaurant booth determines the quality of the service life of sofa sofa. Sofa need not only the skeleton structure design is reasonable, the materials of high quality high bearing; Also note that the quality of the sofa cushions. It is the place that most frequently used, it is best to buy to replace the cushion of the sofa.
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