Western restaurant booth size general how much is the sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-12
Buy restaurant booth sofa, the sofa size is the most focus on the customer product parameters, it not only affect the appearance of sofa booth, booth is also influenced by the use function of sofa. Today to tell you about western restaurant booth sofa regular size. Western restaurant booth of the sofa size is related to its specifications and styles, common western restaurant booth sofa have a single booth sofa, double card to death a sofa, three people a booth and four corner sofa. The following respectively introduce their normal size for you. Size: 1, a single booth sofa width depth * * height: 650 mm * 650 mm * 850 mm; 760mm*760mm*800mm; 800mm*700mm*850mm; Several common size is more than a single booth sofa. While the maximum size of a single booth sofa for 810 mm * 810 mm * 850 mm, this size is enough to use. 2, double booth sofa size compared to the single booth sofa, double a booth are common sofa, is widely used in the western restaurant. The regular size is as follows: the width depth * * height: 1200 mm * 650 mm * 850 mm; 1000mm*600mm*1000mm; 1200mm*600mm*1050mm; 1200mm*650mm*1050mm; Double a booth of the sofa seat width size is 1200 mm main reference, and a deep generally is 600 mm or 650 mm, so the size of the design is more convenient to rely on and eat. 3, three people a booth sofa width depth * * height: 1750 mm * 1980 mm * 1050 mm, three booth sofa, western restaurant use less, only a small number of western restaurants in part will be used to against the wall. 4, double row restaurant sofa size a lot of western restaurant booth sofa tables and chairs are double row design, its regular size is 1200 mm * 1100 mm * 1100 mm. Single row size is 1200 mm * 550 mm * 1100 mm. To be sure, the size of the western restaurant booth sofa is not a fixed value, small scope change does not affect the performance of sofa, generally in the process of western restaurant booth sofa customization, customization factories will be designed according to the actual space structure of western restaurant sofa size.
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