Western restaurant booth custom _ this private room let ordinary furniture sofa lose luster

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-29
Restaurant booth sofa custom _ this private room let ordinary furniture loses luster! Abstract: a lot of western restaurants most pay attention to the customer's privacy, a few girlfriends to western restaurant consumption will often talk about some more hidden topic, this time will need to order some furniture such as sound insulation and covert sofa table space is, this is not our factory in the near future to have very good concealment of the restaurant of custom-made furniture, and high-end grade atmosphere. 。 。 。 。 。 From the picture can't see the sofa and screen as a whole, the design is aimed at this kind of privacy, when I was like a small log cabin, security is very strong, so usually choose to go to private room is more customers. This furniture is from our factory to custom build together whole, internal structure is solid wood frame, then 15 mm thick plywood, in fire prevention board decorative panels, polishing booth sofa is completes the screen after log cabin to the scene and booth assembly of sofa, so as a whole, the effect is very good, with the decoration is very match! Dining-room whole furniture is our furniture factory customized, is mesa of completely real wood, pine table legs are round, wrought iron welded together, if you are interested in our these style home has welcome to inquire!
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