Use wood explanation to make fast-food restaurants tables and chairs

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-28
Fast food restaurants tables and chairs on the market very much style, most of them are wooden tables and chairs. And you know what? To make a wooden fast-food restaurants tables and chairs is actually need to use to a variety of different wood. Below we together and see it! To make fast food restaurants tables and chairs which you need to use wood, what are their characteristics. 1, veneer plywood is also called multi-layer plywood, is composed of three layer or multi-layer solid wood sheet around 1 mm agglutination hot-pressing. Common plywood three-ply board, five styles of plywood, twelve plywood, plywood and 9 is one of the fast food restaurants tables and chairs facing common material. Plywood features: material quality stability, high strength of the plate, the surface wear resistance is higher. But in the process of making plywood adhesive content is large, so produced by fast food restaurants tables and chairs need to disposal of the sealing side, otherwise easy to cause the fast-food restaurants tables and chairs environmental protection not qualified. 2, density board, also known as fiber board, is a kind of wood fiber, plant fiber as raw materials for suppression of man-made board. According to different density can be divided into low density board, medium density board, high density board. Panel of density board commonly used to make fast-food restaurants tables and chairs. Density board features: it is making a lot of furniture materials, in addition to dining room panels, and is often used to make such as wardrobe, bed furniture. But density board in our country is lower than international standards, many standard specification, both environmental protection and material features needs to be improved. 3 raw materials is powder, particle board production particleboard sawdust particles, particle board is often used as fast-food restaurants not only furniture production, other restaurant furniture production process often end in particieboard for raw materials. Made of chipboard restaurant tables and chairs average price is cheaper. Particle board features: particle board side profile honeycomb, has good heat insulation performance, but poor toughness. Particle board production technology is simple, particleboard products offered by each manufacturer quality difference is very big, the quality is hard to discern. 4, solid wood board BanShi is making fast food restaurants tables and chairs all board of one of the most high-end, which is produced by pure solid wood. The characteristics of real wood is determined by the plate type, with unique natural wood properties, such as heat bilges cold shrink, etc. , material than man-made board is stable.
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