Use cloth art sofa booth at ordinary times the note

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
Cloth art sofa booth occupies very important position in the restaurant. It is comfortable, high space utilization, but also easy to bring a feeling of close to the person. Is a place of leisure restaurant furniture is necessary. For example a lot of milk tea shop will use cloth art sofa booth as the main visitors. Today bring you use cloth art sofa booth at ordinary times the note. Some milk tea shop of cloth art sofa booth with 4 or 5 years later still like new, and some food and cloth art sofa booth took less than a year old and broken. These are usually use do not pay attention to. Want to prolong the service life of cloth art sofa booth, in use at ordinary times should pay attention to the following: 1, certainly not in the sun insolates, cloth art sofa booth do need on a regular basis to the sun a sun, can not only to tide, and to achieve the purpose of sterilization. But this is not to say that the cloth art sofa booth in the sun exposure is beneficial. Because any kind of fabrics of cloth art for a long time in the sun exposure of words can make the fabric of elasticity is abate, easy to color fading, even turning yellow. Some booth sofa fabric after sun exposure for a long time will become very fragile, even a tear is broken. So try to avoid in the process of cloth art sofa booth is in use by the sunshine point-blank, the outside of the restaurant is to install frivolous gauze curtain, can not only promote the emotional appeal of the restaurant, and does not affect the brightness of the restaurant, also can avoid cloth art sofa booth by sun exposure. 2, booth sofa is dirty? The fabrics of cloth art sofa booth we all know, spin itself is a lot of small strands intertwined, and then compiled into cloth. This would allow the cloth left a lot of small holes. So when stained cloth art sofa booth to dirt, dirt easily penetrate into the small holes, difficult to wipe out again. This makes cloth art sofa booth it easy to suck ash, easy to get dirty. So cloth art sofa booth in use at ordinary times generally need to be in the position of the cushion, armrest, back of a chair body contact to place a big sofa cover, of course, is the need for more decorative. So we can keep the cloth art sofa is clean. The sofa cover, of course, need regular cleaning, and cloth art sofa booth also need weekly vacuuming. 3, regularly for booth transposition don't know you notice no sofa, general restaurant, the window position of cloth art sofa booth appear to be old. This is because the booth sofa used more frequently. In order to prevent the sofa was excessive wear, shorten service life, restaurants need a month to change cloth art sofa booth location, so that we can balance each booth the service life of sofa.
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