To the restaurant booth sofa quality control of raw materials

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-25
Is the source of all the quality of raw materials, understand restaurant booth sofa requirement for the quality of raw material helps to the quality of high-quality restaurant booth sofa of choose and buy. Below is a customized restaurant booth sofa quality control standards for raw materials! 1, first it is a matter of the moisture content of wood product restaurant booth according to international import and export standards, the water content of the sofa is not greater than 12%, this can ensure that the sofa in the later use process will not disconnect, out of shape, craze. 2, national standards have strict control about the quality of the wood furniture, such as the wormhole, fast knot, fissure, decay, etc. , all wood used to make restaurant booth through strict inspection, absolutely conforms to the national standard. 3, in the procurement contract will specify the restaurant booth every parts of the sofa, in addition to the basic fabric, include material, as well as internal padding and, hardware accessories and trampoline. The spring model, elastic material and hardware accessories must and customers confirmation list. 4, restaurant booth internal filling sponge was a key raw material in determining the quality of the sofa. Restaurant booth used must be native sponge sponge ( Relative cellulose sponge) , a new sponge, its shape, size, density, size must be confirmed with the customer's design drawings. In addition it is important to note that the focus of the booth sofa sponge mostly focused on environmental protection, density and elastic, but often ignored sponge dry degree of the problem. 5, usually at the time of making restaurant booth sofa, the use of raw materials in addition to the sponge, also use to the opening of cotton, it can increase the softness and comfort of sofa, the softness and elasticity of the cotton opening is the key of the customer need to pay attention to. 6, many restaurant booth are paper art design, material and quality of the leather must be consistent with the design drawing and customer's confirmation. Focus on making restaurant booth 7, in addition to the above mentioned the main raw material of sofa, the quality of the other small accessories also nots allow to ignore. Of procurement contracts and the shake handshandle of will be used for making gets stuck in the sofa cloth, sofa feet, zipper, non-woven, roll rope type and quality are defined.
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