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Those who buy dining tables and chairs must look.

Those who buy dining tables and chairs must look.

1、 Material of dining table and chair

1. Marble table chair the biggest advantage of the marble table chair is that its appearance value is very high, and it looks and feels very tactile. However, the marble table chair needs to be cleaned in time. If the oil is not cleaned for a long time, it will penetrate into the interior of the marble and make the stone change color.

2. Transparent glass table chair in general, the transparent glass table chair is composed of a piece of glass with a solid wood frame and table legs. The transparent glass and the log color frame make it natural, fresh, comfortable and beautiful. However, the surface of the glass is easy to wear, so it must be treated carefully in daily use. If there is a scratch, it will greatly affect the appearance. At present, there is no way to repair the scratch, and it can only be replaced.

3. The wood of the table chair made of solid wood has a very warm texture. The table chair made of log color can reflect the taste of the host. It won't feel cold all the year round, giving the dining space a fresh atmosphere. At present, the common solid wood table chairs are painted or waxed once when they leave the factory. The purpose is to protect the wood. However, in daily use, we must pay attention to maintenance. Do not put too hot food directly on the wood table chairs, which is easy to burn the wood.

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2、 Comfort of dining table and chair

 1. The table should be long enough. Generally speaking, the height of people's hands falling naturally is about 60 cm. But when we eat, this distance is far from enough. Because we need to hold the bowl in one hand and the chopsticks in the other, we need at least 75 cm of space. The dining tables and chairs of ordinary families are for 3 to 6 people. Generally, the dining tables and chairs should have a length of at least 120 cm, and the best length is about 150 cm.  

 2. Choose a table without a watch board. The watch board is a piece of wood that acts as a support between the solid wood table top and the table legs. It can make the table chair more solid, but the disadvantage is that it often affects the actual height of the table and will occupy the activity space of the legs. Therefore, when purchasing materials, you must pay attention to the distance between the watch board and the ground. Sit down and try it yourself. If the watch board makes your legs move unnaturally, it is recommended that you choose a table without the watch board.  

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3、 Select the dining table and chair according to the room

     1. Look at the area of the restaurant: the square table is more suitable for small family restaurants and saves space. 760mm for general small house type × 760mm square table or 107cm × The 76cm rectangular table chair is enough to accommodate six people; For medium and large restaurants, round tables with a diameter of about 120cm can be selected to accommodate 8-10 people.

     2. Look at the structure of the restaurant: the open restaurant, the square table and the bar design are easier to create an atmosphere of conversation and interaction; For families with separate guest restaurants (independent restaurants), it is recommended to choose round tables. The round tables have a large area, and it is particularly warm to eat around the tables. In order to facilitate dinner, you can also add a turntable (some products come with themselves) on the round tables to facilitate the main guests to eat.

     3. Look at the style of home decoration: Chinese style and simple European style have more freedom to choose the shape of tables and chairs. The key is to look at the color and material matching. Chinese style home decoration can use round / square solid wood tables with heavy colors, while simple European style is suitable for metal or wood tables with bright and light colors; For families with fashionable, modern and post-modern decoration, we suggest that the square table will be more tasteful and visually harmonious.

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