The size of the KTV sofa booth

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-15
KTV consumption is generally long, in order to increase the consumption experience and to extend the customer time, KTV the visitors need to consider the sedentary and comfortability. Which KTV are generally small, large and small, box, inside the visitors can't occupy too much space. Visitors can meet the requirements of the above two KTV only booth sofa. Today to introduce you to the KTV sofa booth size problem, namely, KTV sofa booth what are the common size? Each a KTV is different to the requirement of the size of the booth sofa, even the same different KTV box, KTV sofa booth size is also different. Suggest the KTV booth sofa of choose and buy when choose to support customized booth sofa factory. Then to introduce you to the KTV sofa booth common size! 1, there are many KTV sofa booth is no handrails, and if there is one handrail design, then the armrests height generally between 560-600 - mm. 2, single booth of KTV sofa in the KTV, are often used in its size design is commonly: a 800 - wide 950毫米; A deep - 850 900mm; Height 700 - 900mm; 350 - high 420mm。 3, double KTV sofa booth size: 1260 - wide 1500mm; A deep - 800 900mm; As for the size of the height and sitting height, whether it is a single, double, or many people, a high height and size is the same. 4, KTV sofa booth three dimensions: width 1750 - 1960毫米; A deep - 800 900mm。 5, KTV sofa booth for four dimensions: width 2320 - 2520毫米; A deep - 800 900mm。 The above several common KTV is the booth design size of the sofa!
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