The size of the booth in the dining room sofa explanation

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-16
Eat desk and chair is one of the most important furniture in dining-room, with the continuous improvement of people claim to the restaurant, in a changing table, dining chair, too. Now a lot of restaurants all the eat chair of the original replaced by a more comfortable atmosphere booth sofa. This improved the restaurant dining experience, also promoted the class of the restaurant. Today to discuss with you the issues of the size of the booth in the dining room sofa. The size of the booth in the dining room sofa directly related to the practicality and comfort of the sofa. A simple example, the sitting height of sofa, need can both satisfy the leg stretch, and to ensure the foot touchdown, and ensure that appropriate eat desk and chair height difference, convenient people dining; Besides booth, sofa seat set too deep people living on less than a sofa back, too shallow human hip cannot all be seated, affect the comfort. And pay attention to the width of the sofa booth, a lot of people don't pay close attention to, actually this is also a key to booth sofa practicality and comfort. Take double booth, for example, set too wide influence on the effective use of dining-room space, setting is too narrow, two people sit down too crowded, not feeling well. Saw the introduction of the above believe you of the importance of the size of the booth sofa have a probably understanding, is extremely important, any size design mistakes will use of booth sofa have a big impact. So just how suitable booth sofa size? Several conventional standard introduces for you below: booth sofa seat depth: 480 - 550 mm between, too shallow or too deep will affect the use of the booth, and set too deep will the restaurant area. Single booth sofa sofa booth width: the width not less than 480 mm, width of double booth sofa not less than 950 mm, three sofa booth width should be 1400 - Between 1450 mm. In addition, in order to ensure that the extension of human leg and convenient repast, booth in front of the sofa seat should not be less than the width of 450 mm. Booth sofa height: from the ground, to the top of the booth sofa back of a chair, with a 790 - commonly 860 mm is the most suitable, so convenient and booth sofa human body is the most widespread contact, so as to reduce the partial pressure, to obtain the most comfortable seating.
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