The same restaurant and household sofa sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-04
The application scope of sofa is very wide, often use a room according to the different, the modelling of sofa can make a big difference. But in the small make up to business environment of the restaurant and household environment difference, the restaurant and household sofa sofa is the same? If not, are they and what are the differences? 1, the difference between custom and finished product business restaurant use sofa are generally not directly to the factory, because each spatial structure and characteristic of the restaurant is not the same, and basic it is bulk purchase, purchase restaurant sofa so choose factory. This not only can purchase to the most suitable restaurant dining room sofa products, also can to a certain extent, reduce the purchasing cost. The household sofa is different, because the item was generally purchase, so more is to local furniture stores, or buy sofa furniture market. 2, the different functional business restaurant use of sofa, should not only pay attention to comfort, but also pay attention to certain illicit close sex, and save space. Is most widely used in restaurant booth sofa, for example, is itself to the improved product common sofa, specially used in the restaurant business, compared to domestic sofa, restaurant booth sofa higher space utilization, and through different formative sofa booth and booth the different combination of sofa can adapt to different spatial structure of the restaurant. And restaurants have a lot of guests are 35 people party, and restaurant tables and chairs need to have certain illicit close sex, which is why many restaurants are tall back sofa design. Two, three restaurant sofa is through a private space. And household sofa is different, comfortable and beautiful sex is household sofa first consideration. Even some attention to functional sofa, such as household booth sofa, but also add a receive a function as sofa. 3, sofa is not the same as the raw material, process, and many places of business, commercial restaurant use the sofa of the user is a guest, restaurant owner is the owner of sofa, and go to the restaurant guest itself quality fine levels not neat, so don't count on sofa guest will take care of restaurant. And household sofa is different, use more when you need to take care of family. Another point is that the commercial use of sofa. Use frequency is much higher frequency than household sofa. So make a restaurant sofa raw material and the process is more demanding, the first consideration is the material of durability, to ensure that the restaurant sofa minimum use fixed number of year. And home is not so much attention to the sofa, need what style is often according to master their willingness to choose.
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