The restaurant's booth how sofa is made?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-05
Business restaurant with booth sofa everybody is met, but you know what restaurant booth sofa is made of? Understand the restaurant booth helps to grasp the booth sofa quality sofa manufacturing process. Small make up for you today, a restaurant booth sofa production steps! 1, ingredients to produce any furniture, the ingredients are the first step, making them sofa is no exception. Customizing booth for customized booth sofa factory, sofa will communicate with product designers, design drawings provided by the designer products. Design includes not only booth sofa modelling, and booth information such as the raw material of sofa, then design drawings to the special design single, so will understand the need to make their booth sofa various shape, size and quantity of raw materials. Finally will split open a single results and design drawings to the production department, production department based on the single ingredient and design drawings. 2 even the request to the site after the assembly, assembly wood restaurant booth sofa products, also must be finished within the factory pre-installed in advance, to check the booth shape and size of the sofa to see if there is deviation. But because the booth sofa is generally mild package design, so that most are assembled in the factory and then to the customer. Booth sofa wooden frame assembly is not trouble, just need to step on ingredients good plate, bending parts, such as combination into a wooden frame, the seal on the board. Of course, the assembled wooden frame to thefamily, remove the assembled wooden frame of the acute Angle and wood sofa clean, avoid to follow-up process left on the edge, also avoid to bring harm to the workers. 3, install sponge booth sofa sponge need in accordance with the requirements of the open order material variety, size, shape to cut, and then according to the booth sofa production standard in the booth nailed on the gallows elastic and gauze, then glue sponge according to the design drawing requirement. When installing a sponge, of course, this process, specification and quantity of elastic, bound method all has the strict request, tension. General need years of experience return to operation. 4, the types of ammonites fabrics fabrics, sizes and specifications have detailed provisions in the open order material, the production when you just need to cut in accordance with the requirements. And then is to nail booth ammonites fabrics, sofa cloth, sofa feet, decoration, the whole booth sofa even if completed.
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