The quality of leather sofa booth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-05
Dermal sofa booth mostly in the box in a fancy restaurant and club, using leather sofa booth no doubt will largely promote the class of the indoor decoration. But if leather booth of poor quality, new booth sofa damage soon, so that the use of cost to believe that a lot of customers are hard to accept. And want to buy the good quality leather booth, small make up for your introduction to distinguish the quality of leather sofa booth way! 1, the raw material of leather sofa booth there are many kinds of leather, the first is have full leather or half leather, in addition, according to the material of leather and water cow leather, cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, etc. Finally, booth sofa leather and real leather grade, such as first layer of skin, skin on the second floor. The difference between various leather is very big, both value and have great difference on quality. Customized leather sofa booth, for leather material to have specific provision, avoid being cheated, also avoid divergence in the late. 2, see all kinds of different quality leather actually better resolution, is really hard to distinguish is genuine leather sofa booth first layer of skin is made, or second floor leather production. Small make up today to tell you a method is easy to distinguish. Head skin sofa booth, the leather is large, width and the leather face symmetry, no knife wound in the leather and the gadfly bites. And the booth sofa quality of the leather production is on the second floor a lot, not only is lesser, width and grain has more obvious on the gadfly bites. 3, resistance to tear countries have strict rules on the leather tearing tension ( Shall not be less than 40 kg/cm2) , at the time of order leather sofa booth can be provided from the factory cut off a small piece of leather, leather on hand ripping a try, to detect the tearing resistance of leather. And, of course, this kind of leather is refers to the pure leather, rather than on the back of leather with textile net. 4, try to rub off this is also a good way to distinguish head skin and skin on the second floor, because 2 shows poor quality of the surface, it also leads to second floor leather dyeing tend to be uneven, this matter cannot be identified with the naked eye, but it is easy to appear fade phenomenon. So on the second floor leather production booth after sofa, heavy and complicated to wipe with alcohol cotton will find rub off alcohol cotton, and the first layer of leather production booth sofa won't appear this kind of phenomenon.
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