The oak chair wholesale

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-06
-- a combination of chair of table of six oak table is our new product design. The eat desk and chair of the material selection of white oak logs primary production. At the same time, considering the large terminal customer demand, the oak eat desk and chair can be used in the commercial restaurant, also can be used in household. If the heart, you can now call site retained custom! We are a directly to terminal market, provide the eat desk and chair furniture factory. Table characteristics & middot; Structure all use white oak, strong out of shape not easily. · Using paint, texture clear and simple sense. Design highlights eat desk and chair frame all use white oak logs, solid is out of shape not easily, use varnish coating, keep warm and natural wood texture, classic and durable joker. In order to reduce your table and table legs shaking, connection parts adopt triple structure, providing enough support to ensure table solid and durable. Eat chair back of a chair of the fishbone type design effective package back, back of a chair double processing, more secure, can safely trust. Tables and chairs edges and corners have been manual grinding polishing, very smooth, rounded cutting don't have to worry about being hurt. Curve type tables with thickness thinning of the linear table leg, form contracted, let a space more lightsome. Brand characteristics, have a history of nearly 20 years of dining room kind of furniture design custom furniture company, later, turned into a shop, nowadays, online sales of mature industry brings together various resources and strength, restaurant furniture brand is the company's new building business. Set design, production, sale in a body, we advocate the manual craft, pay attention to quality, and manual craft are very fastidious to every detail. It no matter to life or on the product, has a very high quality and style requirements, committed to build a new power group nowadays young Nordic life ideal.
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