The Nordic wood eat desk and chair

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-07
The furniture industry is a traditional industry, but under the new era, consumers have changed, the market has changed. The European style, simplicity of what has long been out of date. Modern business restaurant, home, no northern wind decorate, how can the worthy of fashion. Actually said China's general refers to Western Europe, and that of western countries. Indeed, the adornment style of western once prevalent in domestic furniture market, but it is the be fond of of the older generation. Today's young generation has become the mainstream of furniture market consumption crowd, they to furniture modelling and practicability of the proposed new requirements. This is northern wind in recent years, new Chinese style, Jane ou feng gradually prevailed. Small make up today to bring us is newly launched a special Nordic fashion restaurant on solid wood eat desk and chair. Very suitable for cafes, restaurants, restaurants and other places to use. Of course, if the family eat desk and chair, is a very fashionable choice. Product features & middot; Solid oak table done framework is more durable. · Ju wood do more sturdy chair chair legs. Design highlights the eat desk and chair to keep the original wood color and white color, very classic style of northern Europe. The load bearing part of a table using solid oak solid wood, and for the triangle, minor part in the economic plate, such as water oak leather with rubber wood, panel with MDF in oak bark, both practical and economic. Also use solid wood chair frame, ju wood chair legs, strong and durable, the chair foot mat, prevent scratch the floor. Cushion and backrest fabrics using hydrolysis resistance DU skin, filling high elastic sponge, very comfortable.
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