The new bar booth sofa chairs and tables listed!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
New Year just to, can't wait for the majority of bars, restaurants, places of entertainment clients introduced the new product. The to bring us the new product is below the bar booth sofa chairs combination! Click to view the product details let below small make up for you in detail the bar table and chair combination product detail parameters, and some design features! Product name: bar booth sofa product origin: guangdong dongguan ( Logistics transport) Product size ( Can be customized) : length * width * height = 130 cm * 60 cm * 75 cm, The table) ; Deep bridge width * * total height = 138 cm * 68 cm * 71 cm, The sofa) Product color: deep coffee color, dark blue, Can be customized) Production cycle: 3 & ndash; 25 days, Specific see the custom furniture product quantity and requirements) Application places: bar, milk tea shop, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, music, customs, such as the dining entertainment booth price: this bar booth furniture products for custom products, need according to the selection of materials, size of the guests to make quotation, inquiry, please consult, or click on the web in the sidebar button online consultation! Product features: fabric: this bar booth sofa products in order to adapt to different customer customization requirements, the paper art, double cloth art design, customers are free to choose in custom. Support: this bare booth sofa USES is wrought iron bar framework design, made of steel frame is not only strong and durable, beautiful and fashionable, highlight the bar need industrial breath of wind. Desktop: in response to the modern high standard requirements for environmental protection, the bar table and chair combination product of desktop made by pure real wood!
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