The mortise and tenon joint technology of the western restaurant tables and chairs

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-31
Mortise and tenon joint joint is the ancient Chinese architecture, furniture designer's greatest creation and crystallization. Even in the modern furniture production process is also often used mortise and tenon joint connection way. In fact, all of the pure solid wood furniture are on the market by mortise and tenon joint structure. Today we are going to introduce you to mortise and tenon joint technology of western restaurant tables and chairs. About the mortise and tenon joint, must have a lot of people have heard, but few really know. In fact, mortise and tenon joint process is a very complicated process, for different furniture structure, often need to use different types of mortise and tenon joint connection. Let's learn more about the classification and application of mortise and tenon joint! 1, according to the shape of the tenon mortise and tenon joint structure is divided into the protruding part is called the tenons, concave part is called the mortise, tenon groove is designed with tenons. According to utility different, the shape of the joint is also different, generally more common with rectangular projections, tooth type tenon, mortise and tenon and dovetail with the ellipse, square tenon of use frequency is highest, can meet the demand of the general western restaurant tables and chairs to make. But the upscale restaurant tables and chairs in the process of production in order to ensure the quality of tables and chairs, other shapes are used in some special parts of mortise and tenon joint, dovetail, for example, the characteristics of this shape mortise and tenon joint is connected closely, bite force is strong, so often used in desktop, chair and desk and chair of the connection. And with tenon is often used for the connection of board type restaurant tables and chairs, tooth type tenon is widely applied to answer the plate production process. The elliptical tenon mortise and tenon joint is in the west eat chair this is special box production often used. 2, divided according to the amount of joint parts restaurant tables and chairs are not only a jog, to stability need, many components in addition to single tenon, restaurant tables and chairs and double joint design, as well as more than a joint design, especially the dovetail, many of them are double tenon and mortise more design. In the making process of the western restaurant tables and chairs, chair frame part will usually use more tenon. 3, according to the tenon and mortise joint is divided in this way can be roughly divided into open tenon, semi-closed tenon, silent mortise and tenon. Which need to be aware of two things, is most strong openings through orthogonal projections, suitable for bearing; 2 it is through the tenon joint will be exposed, encounter when wet can lead to the joint of the western restaurant tables and chairs uneven, and not conducive to beautiful and use.
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