The key factors influencing the restaurant turned Taiwan rate exactly what?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-01
Abstract: everyone worked so hard to open a restaurant, all hope, packed, but we should pay attention to when brisk business a turn over rate. Especially for some fast food restaurants, high turn over rate is the guarantee of profit, turn over rate of it today and you about the problem. Is scientific and reasonable is put first, the eat desk and chair, will largely affect the efficiency of restaurant service personnel order send dish, if put unreasonable for the experience of customers is also a very unfriendly, but that alone is enough to affect the rate of turn table of a restaurant. Second, restaurant and food temperature shoulds not be too high, the temperature is too high, the guests dine speed will slow down. Third, desk and chair comfort level is moderate, shoulds not be too comfortable, too comfortable guest could you dine sitting playing mobile phone to chat, do not want to leave. Fourth, in fact not easy from the beginning, all things are difficult before they are easy ah, positioning positioning from the restaurant to eat desk and chair are need to deliberate. Familiar with this industry knows, catering for a restaurant, the most important point is to turn over rate, which is directly related to the turnover of important factors, and have professional and skilled attendant service quality, and the meal serving rate and customer markets are the factor that can affect the rate of turn table.
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