The eat desk and chair of furniture customization | restoring ancient ways was both cheap and good!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-27
Abstract: the open restaurant of people want to input cost is lower, the better, the more beautiful the better effect, such as customized eat desk and chair how to choose and can save cost and can the effect? Today we a few eat desk and chair to share the benefits: 1, the solid wood dining table: do old table to restoring ancient ways is the feeling of nostalgia, retro furniture itself is a bit rough appearance, so you don't need too pay attention to on select material, then pine as mesa, give the effect through the paint, legs can use iron stand feet, and solid are not ugly, down the cost of a complete set of hundreds of pieces can be done. 2, eat chair is very popular now, wrought iron chairs, choose real wood chair don't ask is certainly cost is high, the metal is mechanical production, low labor costs, cheap raw materials, so the price is much lower than solid wood dining chair price.
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