The combination of chair of solid wood table, a table for six

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-06
Whether in restaurants or at home, a table for six eat desk and chair of the chair is very practical, and the number of practical very much. Small make up today is to introduce the new household a pure product of combination of chair of solid wood table a table for six. That is below the restaurant tables and chairs. Just to see if it looks like, just have the urge to bring it back? Tables and chairs characteristics & middot; Completely real wood to build quality is very good, the style elegant materials. · A table and six chairs, and meet a joy and warmth of the family. · Open spray, safety, no formaldehyde hazards. Material parsing using African PNG mahogany, pure real wood production, don't use density board and paper stick a skin, moisture content is low, not easily influenced by environment, bending the compressive resistance is strong, hard material, long service life, high cost performance, grain is pure and fresh and gorgeous, added a elegant literature and art, for the environment that occupy the home health also, and crack expansion joints. Design window round chair corner, back of the chair is comfortable lumbar support, stool surface concave down some, more joint hips, sedentary not tired, corner round, not upon the naughty boy, high safety coefficient. The graceful noble. Table legs stout, good stability and strong bearing force, crescent hardware reinforcement, double protection, also home a safe. Experience, first of all, no peculiar smell, it is very, high safety coefficient, sit chair, as another completely curve of joint human body, the back of the chair seat is very comfortable, no sedentary hips uncomfortable feeling, and chair legs and table leg is very thick, very stable, chair face of type curve to avoid the child into the fall, the desktop height is eating right exchange, black walnut is very elegant, is the good choice that occupy the home.
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