The cloth of cloth art sofa booth species

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-25
Booth is cloth art sofa and paper art, paper art fashion, cloth art is sweet. But you don't think the cloth art sofa booth is the same. In fact, cloth art sofa booth just for a class of sofa, collectively, cloth art booth of kinds are a lot of fabrics of cloth art. If you are sure to choose a booth cloth art sofa, then you need to clear up kinds of cloth art sofa booth fabric problem. That is what want to tell you about today! 1 believes everyone not unfamiliar to cotton, cotton cloth, this is a kind of close skin and environmental protection are high cloth, gauze, cotton cloth is used at the hospital. So the cotton cloth made of booth sofa is popular with many customers. Need to mention here is that the cotton production process, first turn on the cotton into a cotton yarn, and then in the spinning and weaving into cloth, for the sake of base material is cotton, so cotton fabric sofa booth has the very good comfort, warmth and moisture absorption, but cotton booth sofa also has a disease, it is not strong enough, bad abrasion resistance. 2, the representative of the chemical fiber polyester cloth, if you don't familiar with the word of polyester, so believe nylon rope everyone seen it. Nylon is another title polyester. Polyester cloth sofa booth abrasion resistance and tear resistance are strong, and elastic, is not easy to deformation. But environmental protection and skin resistance, softness is its biggest ills. 3, polyester-cotton blended fabric is introduced above two booth don't know if you have pay attention to the sofa fabric, cotton and polyester cloth is both advantages and disadvantages of complementary fabrics, so everybody just think, if the two fabrics together, it will be able to create a perfect sofa cloth. And this is the origin of polyester-cotton blended fabric. Polyester/cotton blended fabric is a made of cotton and polyester blended yarn made of a new type of sand release, it not only has the unique soft and comfortable cotton, but also has unique polyester cloth toughness and wear resistance. At the same time it solves the problems of cotton cloth folds, easy shrink, dimension unstable faults. Now many of the booth sofa factory used is polyester/cotton blended fabric. In the polyester-cotton sand release, better known is a kind of high-density NC sand release, than ordinary cotton cloth and polyester cloth, its geographic more bulky, has the very good abrasion resistance and very soft touch. 4, 3 m waterproof ground wire cloth polyester cloth, after all, is the invention of the last century, the cotton is also can be traced back to ancient times. In science and technology so developed today, the new material emerge in endlessly, 'is there no new sofa cloth material? Here has to say about 3 m waterproof abrasive wire cloth, it is a new high-tech product. 3 m waterproof abrasive wire cloth is a kind of superfine fiber as raw materials woven cloth, also because of the weaving process, 3 m waterproof abrasive wire cloth handle delicate soft, smooth and comfortable, not only play high permeability, but also has a good waterproof.
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