The classification of the cafe 'seats sofa

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-23
Coffee is the most commonly used the visitors restaurant sofa and sofa booth, to bring you today is coffee shop in the classification of sofa, the coffee shop sofa let you have a more profound understanding, in order to select the most appropriate sofa products. 1, tall back sofa cafe cafe tall back sofa is sofa booth design, can also be a leisure sofa design. Among them, the high back coffee leisure sofa, also known as the airline seats, is a kind of comfortable sofa design. Tall back sofa cafe, the biggest characteristic is its protection design for the human body shoulder, waist and back can also rely on the curved surface on the back of a chair of sofa. And the three pivot is not form a straight line, so tall back sofa cafe in design are ergonomic curve design, the cafes sofa design and production skill requirements are very high. Cafe tall back sofa of choose and buy when need buyers to try to sit on, to determine whether the design of the three pivot can play a supporting effect. 2, low back cafes sofa back cafes sofa belong to a kind of portable sofa chair, it's comfort is lower, and it only gives people a strong point on design, namely the lumbar support to the human body. Many low back cafes sofa on the market is the booth design, because this kind of design can save more coffee shop use space. Low back with convenient mobile booth sofa, lightweight, simple style, the characteristics of high space utilization. 3, coffee shops recreational sofa leisure sofa is coffee the most commonly used one kind of sofa, furniture market, the largest number of this kind of sofa. Market cafe leisure sofa modelling diversity, design is beautiful, but also on the design in addition to the most common linear design, can also adopt many curve design.
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