The choice of cloth art sofa booth fabric!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
The use of the booth sofa is becoming more and more widely. In addition to the restaurant, in other places of business and public places can see the figure of booth. And extensive usability required booth sofa on the material and shape must become more diverse. The emergence of cloth art sofa booth greatly enriched the booth the category of sofa, also let them sofa is suitable for use in more occasions. Today bring you is the choice of the fabrics of cloth art sofa booth! Why is the choice of fabric? The first is the diversity of fabrics of cloth art sofa booth. Although all call cloth art sofa booth, but there are dozens of, the material of the fabric is a better picture of each kind of fabric is not the same. In addition, now the booth of sofa purchase way is usually go directly to factory customized, this custom is not just the color, size, design custom, also including the raw materials of booth sofa. So use what fabric of cloth art sofa booth, is again the customer to decide. Ok, say so many, as small make up recommend to you three more high-quality booth sofa fabric, and explain their characteristics respectively for you. 1, linen fabric, linen is one of the first to use the fabric in China, in the era of male plow female weave, the general common people is wearing clothes made of hemp. Made of linen fabric sofa booth wear-resisting durable, has the very good elasticity, and soft hard moderate, fine texture. Can't afford to have not wrinkle, ball, do not fade, natural, etc. But to know Chinese history knows that, in ancient times, linen and coarse linen shirt, is for the underlying social people wear. The reason lies in its close skin is bad, how does not feel comfortable. 2, pure cotton fabric: cotton and linen not separation, this is also a kind of traditional natural fabric material. Compared with sackcloth, more bad of the handle and skin of the cotton fabric sofa booth will be much better, it is soft and comfortable, natural, close skin breathe freely. And wear cotton fabrics' seats sofa is a kind of design and color is the most abundant. But cotton booth sofa also has its disadvantages, such as easy to shrink, elastic, easy corrugate, poor wear resistance. In short, it features with sackcloth booth almost the opposite. If the linen booth type sofa is sturdy, then cotton booth sofa is soft and comfort. 3, leather cloth fabric: it is also a popular type of booth sofa in recent years. It combines cloth art sofa booth and paper art booth respectively the common characteristic of sofa. In general, leather cloth gets stuck in the sofa design would be in the place of the easy wear and easy to dirty place, Such as depending on location) Use paper art fabrics, fabrics of other places use cloth art. This novel fashion, and resistance to dirty wear-resisting. But also reduce the production cost of booth sofa, and avoid the paper art sofa booth airtight disadvantage.
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