The birthplace of the industrial air table!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-01
Wind is popular in China in recent years, the birthplace of it in Europe, and then pop and then to the United States from Europe to Asia. First appeared in China's industrial wind is generally used in some emphasis on feelings, style restaurants and cafes, theme restaurant, music bar, etc. Industrial wind can reflect straightforward, personality, like the person will become addicted, but unless it is new to decorate plan or renovation plan of the restaurant, it is very hard to achieve through the soft outfit industry wind, unless you can put the whole dining room everything removed to once again, this is equivalent to a refurbished. The characteristics of the wind is very bright, mainly reflected in the several aspects: one is the color, usually black ash as the main industrial department; 2 it is metope, with brick or cement mix wall instead of the monotonous wall painting is a prominent feature of all industrial wind; Third, pipeline, industrial pure wind when arranging pipeline of water and electricity are bare, industrial wind are also gradually evolved, such as light industry such as wind or buried pipeline into the wall; Fourth, metal parts, a large number of applications of metal parts is a must, shelves, lamps and lanterns is important carrier to reflect metal; Four is industrial wind furniture, mainly iron wood, style is more personalized, wooden do is rub lish paint, varnish, the cover is made of wrought iron bronze coating, leather chair is commonly screen printing all sorts of design, most of them are mixing effect. Industry is the pursuit of personality of young people like wind, use this style of all kinds of restaurants also more and more, the current industrial wind table cannot form quantitative production, is looking for a manufacturer to make to order, needed for each type of restaurant is different, cannot batch production!
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